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Under Enterprise Management we cover hotel management and operations, quality assurance services, revenue and distribution management, pre-opening and operations as well as finance and cost control.

Investment Management

Our Investment Management strategy covers acquisitions, receiverships, development, project planning, concept development, asset management and risk management.
We strive to ensure that every project is undertaken to a successful end.

Food & Beverage Management

TMM Hospitality Ltd has vast experience in Food Beverage Management to ensure that it is essentially part of the overall hotel experience. Our strategy covers development, menu planning and costing, bar operations as well as refurbishment and modernization.


At TMM Hospitality Ltd, we believe that an establishments first customers are its employees. It is therefore important to not only invest in qualified personnel but to also ensure that the laid down standard of operations are actualized at every contact with the guest. Our strategy covers employee recruitment, employee training and labour law.

hotel management and hospitality consultants

TMM Hospitality Ltd is a professional hotel management and hospitality consultancy company with operations across East Africa. We assist hotel owners, managers, lenders, investors as well as tourism and hospitality establishments with strategic direction that is result-oriented for organizational success.

Our industry-tested senior consultants have 90 years of combined experience in hospitality management with a hands-on approach on all industry related matters.  We offer a rich and resourceful engagement to hotel and tourism businesses whose goal is to improve quality, customer service and financial results.

Whether small or large hospitality organizations, our consulting services will directly assist you with immediate returns at an affordable cost. If your organization is ready to grow and prosper, our experts will ensure that your business attains its goals.


Nairobi Travel Guide

Nairobi Travel Guide

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Kenya Tourism Recovery from Covid

Kenya Tourism Recovery from Covid

Kenya’s tourism industry has started to recover after losses from the COVID-19 pandemic, the government said on January 19. It said that travel from locals increased while prices were lower. The number of foreign visitors, however, is still well below pre-pandemic...

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Setting up a hotel

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